Experienced Advocates For Injured Workers In New Jersey

Whether you are injured at work or your injury arises out of your employment, you are entitled to special benefits protected by New Jersey laws. We are experienced attorneys to guide you through the legal process, and obtain compensation and treatment for your injuries. You also may be entitled to wage loss through the workers' compensation system. There are strict time and notice requirements. We will ensure that you are properly represented and protected.

Understand Your Rights If Your Are Injured At Work

It is important for you to know your rights and understand a work injury can be of many different types. Your injuries, whether simple or complex, could be caused by virtually anything. It could be of your own fault or the fault of someone else. The attorneys at Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law are experienced work injury lawyers who will investigate the circumstances of your accident. We ensure that you get paid while out of work and have your medical treatment paid for entirely. You can call us at 732-930-2052, toll free at 800-257-3181 to arrange a free consultation with an attorney. From our office in Toms River, we serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Just as important, our investigation might show that other people or companies are responsible for your accident, in addition to your employer. You may be able to bring a separate lawsuit against them as well. This is known as a "third-party" lawsuit because it involves another person besides you and your employer.

Third-party litigation is a way to hold someone else, in addition to your employer, responsible for the injuries you received. For example, you may have been driving a work vehicle or may have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or a piece of machinery might have malfunctioned. Perhaps a defect in the equipment or component part, or even in the overall design, caused the machine to break down and gravely injure you. In these types of accidents, another individual may be responsible and have to also compensate you for your injuries.

Our attorneys have held these individuals and/or companies that cause workplace injuries responsible to get you the compensation you deserve. In addition to representing you in your workers' compensation case, we will explore every possibility of bringing a third-party lawsuit on your behalf.

We Can Explain The Compensation To Which You Are Entitled

The workers' compensation system is a vital means to compensate injured workers for lost wages, lost time, medical exposure as well as obtain you permanent disability. You can call us at 732-930-2052 or toll free at 800-257-3181 to arrange a free consultation with an attorney or contact us online.