Were You Exposed To Toxic Materials On The Job?

Occupational diseases and exposure injuries can occur without a specific injury date or cause. They may be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, gasses, sounds, radioactive materials, or other dangerous products in the workplace. Have your symptoms baffled your own physician? You may have a workers' compensation injury entitling you to benefits.

People have come into our office, exhausted from all of the time spent in trying to find out why they feel the way they do or suddenly have developed a medical condition. Others are aware that they were exposed to something dangerous while at work, but no one will help. You can call us at 732-930-2052 to arrange a free consultation with an attorney. From our office in Toms River, we serve clients throughout New Jersey.

As experienced occupational exposure injury lawyers, we are familiar with many of the injuries that people suffer from exposure to toxic chemicals and products. At Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law, we collaborate with national experts and keep up-to-date on the types of injuries people have from exposure to toxic substances. We also collaborate with the country's best experts to prove the connection between your injury and the occupational exposure and hazards at work.

Poisonous Materials And The Workplace

Many chronic illnesses, cancers and death can be traced to toxic substances in the workplace, including:

  • Cardiac and pulmonary disease
  • Mesothelioma from asbestos
  • Cancers from exposure to chemicals or pesticides
  • Illness caused by radiation
  • Emphysema

Horrible and serious illnesses like cancer, breathing problems and chronic health, even death, can be caused by occupational exposure injuries at work. Certain chemicals actually burn the inside layer of your lungs. Battling cancer from radiation exposure is a lifelong struggle. Death may entitle your loved ones to dependency claims for benefits.

If you suffer from these, or related conditions because of exposure at work, please consult with us. We have represented many injured people and helped them to obtain compensation for their injuries, their uncertain health in the future, their inability to work again, and the terrible pain and suffering caused by exposure to toxins or chemicals.

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