Effective Resolution Of Civil Disputes

Any dispute, no matter how large or small, can erupt into litigation. The term "civil matter" is extremely broad and includes virtually any type of case that is not criminal in nature. A civil case can include things such as personal injury, breach of contract, employment discrimination, and everything in between.

At Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law, we represent clients throughout New Jersey in civil matters in federal and state courts. Our civil litigation and business dispute lawyers have broad experience in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate levels, in litigation involving the most difficult and complex commercial and personal disputes. From our office in Toms River, we serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Protecting Your Interests In Civil Disputes

Civil litigation is a general term for lawsuits for damages based on contract, fraud or other wrongs, and many other civil disputes. The trial lawyers at Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law can assist you with civil litigation in matters such as:

  • Commercial and contract disputes
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Real estate and land issues
  • Insurance disputes
  • Landlord tenant and lease disputes

Our law firm believes that a client considering litigation needs to know all of the potential consequences of filing suit- financial as well as emotional. Litigation can be very expensive, time-consuming and stressful. The extent of the cost can be difficult to estimate. Mediation or alternative dispute resolution can eliminate the need for complicated court involvement and can help to reduce the costs associated with litigation. Where litigation is recommended, our lawyers will work diligently with you to prepare and file the appropriate court documents, and to represent your interests fully before the appropriate court. Because each and every case is different, we will work closely with you to develop a litigation plan or strategy that focuses on your needs.

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