Seeking Treatment For Addiction, Not Prison

Have you been charged with a crime? Do you suffer from the disease of addiction to drugs or some other substance?

If so, the addiction and substance abuse attorneys at Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law can help you. We understand how addiction can make you act in ways you normally would not act. Our understanding of addiction and substance abuse, coupled with our criminal defense experience, ensures that you get the representation and support you need. From our office in Toms River, we serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Our Lawyers Have Helped Hundreds Of People Accused Of Crimes

At Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law, our addiction and substance abuse attorneys and paralegals have an intimate and thorough understanding of addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues, and we know how to manage them effectively. We know what to do because we have helped hundreds of individuals and families with the same problems. With the help of the legal system, and our network of doctors, teachers, and mental health professionals, we will provide you with strategies and support that will assist you and your family through this difficult journey.

If you or a family member face criminal defense or family law charges that involve or arise from drug or substance abuse, our addiction and substance abuse attorneys and staff are fully prepared and qualified to aggressively protect your rights. We have worked closely with the courts, and we understand how to effectively present the medical aspects of addiction to judges and prosecutors. Our addiction and substance abuse attorneys have had great success in presenting therapeutic alternatives to the court that have saved our clients from going to jail. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Do not trust your legal matters to someone who does not thoroughly understand addiction and the disease from which you are suffering.

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Addiction and substance abuse can be effectively managed. Regardless of the number of failures, recovery is possible for every individual. We are committed to protecting your rights and helping to effect meaningful change. Call 732-930-2052, toll free at 800-257-3181 or send us an email. We will read and respond promptly to your message.