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At Willis & Gresek Counsellors at Law, we truly care about you and about providing results now and in the future. Our goal is to help you through some of the hardest times you will ever face, with respect and dignity. As attorneys, we strive to obtain the best possible result for you within the legal system while protecting your rights.

As counsellors, we also strive to help you over some of the "real life" stumbling blocks you might encounter as your case progresses, which could have a lasting impact on you and your family. Contact us at 732-930-2052 or toll free at 800-257-3181. We are a full service law firm that can provide legal services and support to you and your family, including:

  • Criminal law and defense: We ensure that your legal rights are protected at all stages of the legal process. We do not judge you. For decades, we have vigorously defended the rights of those accused of crimes and disorderly person offenses.
  • Workers' compensation: Injuries that happen on the job are serious and need to be properly handled. We ensure your rights are protected to obtain proper medical care and to compensate you for your injuries.
  • Personal injury and auto accidents: Injuries resulting from someone else's negligence, carelessness or behavior can disrupt everything in your life. Let us assist you in holding accountable the person who did this to you and compensate you for your injuries.
  • Municipal court: We can defend you in all municipal court matters including DUI/DWI, traffic ticket defense or charges of domestic violence.
  • Divorce and family law: Divorce is never easy. Despite everyone's best intentions, things usually escalate and tempers flare. Having an experienced attorney represent you during this time is essential. It will have a lasting effect on you and your family.
  • Child custody and support: We strive to guide you through emotionally wrenching situations and encourage the best result for you and your children through the legal process.
  • Other practice areas: We are able to assist you with other legal matters including Social Security and disability, civil litigation, real estate transactions, wills and estates, and environmental law.

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